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Care For All, Night & Day Within The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Need care for your child or loved one, then you have come to the right place.

Fixed Rates

Prices are affordable and rates are fixed. They do not change. The only additional fees are overtime, late fees and damage equipment fees.

Customize Your Schedule

Make your schedule for days, weeks or months in advance.

Learning & Companionship

Children endure the ability to learn things that fit their needs. Adults are serviced to be cared for, fed proper meals, and groomed daily

Advanced Learning

Provide children with state board learning to enhance intellectual intelligent and prepare them for higher learning.


Both children and adults can benefit from bringing out their creative side. We take pride in helping them to bring out the creativeness within them.

We are driven by progress

Progress is the key to our companies success. We want both children and adults to make progress in every aspect of their care.

Featured Work

My child loves Beateshia. She has taught her so much. I really be amazed by how my child has progressed while in Beateshias’ care!

Shawnette Ketter

“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?” Beateshia is a GEM to my family.

Lynell Robinson

I refer people to this business because its simply the best. It’s not many people that accommodate your schedule and help your kids learn things beyond what’s being taught in these schools.

Darrell marshall

Let’s work together to assist your children or loved ones in making the progress that needs to be made!

Today is the day! Don’t put off the chance for progression, academic achievement and the opportunity for them to become more socially involved in real life experiences.